31 Day Author Platform Challenge Day 29: Things We Love

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Let’s get friendly. Time to share some of your go-to favorites in books, websites, webinars, conferences…whatever you consider crucial in your daily(ish) writing.

You can:

  • Share a helpful book you’ve dog-eared (if you do that sort of thing, you monster) like a rhyming thesaurus
  • Recommend a fave website or resource or club you use regularly
  • Offer a link to an annual conference or Zoom class with details explaining why you regularly return
  • Offer gratitude to the creators of a site or resource, explaining why it’s helped you
  • RT a great meme

This is not the same as sharing #writerslift or timely news, because this is specific to tangible documentation. This post will reflect something you can point to that has helped improve your writing, that wasn’t a crit partner.

whoever created this doesn’t get credit bc they left their name off it!

Remember that template for a book proposal that a lit agency offered on their website FOR FREE? (Back in Day 21) That’s an example. Yes, it was a template for them so their submissions were less sucky, but hey, it was a free resource. I made a post and included the link along with a shout-out of appreciation to the agent and the house (tagging them both), and that tweet got a pretty high number of likes and RTs—including the agent herself as well as the agency.

Feel free to send several tweets that highlight a bunch of your top resources – but keep it to one person per tweet unless it’s something they did together.

Recap: share a helpful resource and thank the person that offers it. Consider creating the post on a Canva-like site to make it pretty but OK if no. Post it on all your media.

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