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Bitsy is published in picture books, chapter books, and teen; ages 2-17. Let her help you polish your manuscript and maximize your chances of getting published!

Sometimes authors need a little help focusing. Sometimes they need a little help expanding.
Sometimes they just need a little help.

I’m here for ya.

Manuscript Critiques:
$175+ for picture book

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Are you brand new to picture book writing? Or been at it for a while, looking to take it to the next level? Maybe you need general help organizing thoughts…or detailed feedback on a specific section. I can help at any level, from overall feedback to line-by-line feedback.

But please know–if you’re looking for someone to give you a gold star and tell you your work is the bee’s knees, I’m not your man. My goal is to help you make it better, and as publish-ready as possible! I’m not here to critique you, I’m here to help you enhance that manuscript more than you ever thought possible. Masterpieces take work, and time, my friend!

Once we iron out the details, you’ll have it back within a week, guaranteed!
* Picture book critiques: up to 1,000 words or 8 properly-formatted, double-spaced pages: $175 and up
* HELP ME assistance: Wanna talk things through? This hourly aid includes whatever you need, from plotting, brainstorming, formatting, to “What if” … any general “HELP ME” kind of assistance that doesn’t fit the mold: $95/hour

Author Website Review:
$125 for overview, or $95/hour for more detailed help

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Feeling some website envy? Tell me your main goals. Do you want to introduce yourself to the world? Sell books? [Those are two different websites!] Let me review your current site. I’ll do some proverbial math, research, and suggest specific (and easy!) ways to improve what you have. I’ll offer custom screenshots and examples of a few similar, exemplary author sites–sort of like finding comp titles for your manuscript. I’ll even rewrite some pages for you, if you want more detailed help (I know how awkward it is to talk about yourself!). But I’m not a website designer; you’ll still need to find someone to implement the updates/changes. $125 for overview of up to three-five pages depending on content, and $95/hour for specific help

Media Training/Interviewing for Introverts:
$75 per one-hour session

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Nervous about an upcoming interview, podcast, TV appearance? Let’s face it. Most authors are introverts–we stare and punch away at our computers all day because we prefer them over a group of people. (Our screens never judge or talk back, right?) Relax! You can do it and I can help. I’ve got years of experience training executives for on-camera and phone interviews, as well as personal experience and training, and come armed with tips and tricks and even lighting and wardrobe suggestions. Let’s zoom live (yes, it’s a must!), learn some ways to handle questions–as well as silence–and practice practice practice so you’re feeling good come interview time. $75 per one-hour session

“Thank you! Truly. This is the most constructive and helpful feedback I have ever received.”

Deann z.

“[Your] comments are so helpful…you have given me more confidence in what needs to be done…I have been given some great advice to lead me into the right direction.”

Abigal H.

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