31 Day Author Platform Challenge Day 12: Let’s Make Freebies

[Before we start, have you followed 10 new people yet?]

Make it and they will come

Remember in Day 10 of our author platform challenge we talked about dangling a freebie to get people to sign up for your mailing list, and in Day 11 we brainstormed ten potential freebies? Today, Day 12, we are going to pick one of those freebie ideas, and create it.

If you love the idea of the coloring pages option but are pre-published so you don’t have a book let alone an illustrator who could work with you on it, by all means keep that idea on your list. But for today, pick a different freebie to work on.

Hmm, what to work on? Think…What are you known for? What are you comfortable talking about ? What you are an expert in?

I knew I wanted to create the “Secrets to Writing a Query” as my lead magnet because A) most of my followers right now are fellow authors and B) over the years, as I review my spreadsheet, it appears I have written over 200 of them. Does that mean I have 200 acceptances? Oh by no means no. But it DOES mean I know what DOESN’T work, lol. I also looked up what editors and agents have to say about it, and combined that with my own experience. That’s what makes me uniquely qualified to offer suggestions and advice on the topic, IMHO. And I know it’s a hot topic that everyone searches online for tutorials on.

I created it in Word. It’s not fancy. It’s in black and white with no graphics. The emphasis I chose is content, not outward creativity. I am a writer, not a graphic designer. I don’t have time to make it look like a business form, nor is that my goal. Sure, I could try running it through PowerPoint or whatever, but done is better than pending. I encourage you to not obsess over making it perfect.

Repeat after me….

Get to work on creating that freebie document or packet so when you install that pop-up and start collecting emails, you are instantly ready to roll. You’ll be able to set the sequence so all new subscribers are emailed the freebie the second they hit the enter button! (I personally set it to arrive two minutes after, so I don’t look too needy, lol.)

Recap: create that lead magnet freebie. Right now.

Feel free to share your pop-up link below so we can sign up to your mailing list and, and see your finished product! Include your link in the comments, or tag #31DayAuthorPlatformChallege and we’ll do our best to find it!

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