31 Day Author Platform Challenge Day 30: Checklist Check

Grab that notebook again. Look over what still needs to be done. Create new list of things that need to be done, in priority order. If you’re super organized you can put diff tasks in diff colors…website in green ink, twitter in yellow, etc.

As we near the end of our 31 days, let’s take Day 29 to look over the notes we’ve been taking.

Grab that handy notebook of yours. Give it a long look, page by page.

Time to review what you’ve checked off your To Do list so far, and give yourself a pat on the back for work well done!

What’s left? Probably a lot, and that’s OK! In fact, that’s great! That means you’ve been taking notes and keeping track.

The To Do list is probably a bit of a mess.

Today, make one clean (re)list of all the things still to be done.

Mull them over for a minute.

Re-list the list!

Then, on a new page, re-list the To Do list again, in priority order. (Writing things down repeatedly helps your brain remember things so it’s not a waste of time!)

Now, if you’re super organized, group the tasks under headings such as Website, Rework, Decisions, To Schedule/Email, Ask for Help, etc. Super-duper organized people can use different colored pens for each heading.

To really motivate yourself, give a deadline or goal completion date for each (remember SMART goals; specific measurable achievable relevant timebound?).

Whenever you’re on hold, or on public transit, in the waiting room, etc, scroll this revised list and work on things as soon as, and as best as you can.

Recap: Review To Do list and (re)prioritize what needs to happen first. Bonus points to giving yourself deadlines on each.

You’re doing a great job!

[You’re doing such a great job, I bet you already followed 10 new people today!]

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