31 Day Author Platform Challenge Bonus Day: Please and Thank You


It’s now the day after the 31st day. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk, have a second cup of tea, turn your phone on silent for a few hours. You made it through all 31 tasks of the Author Platform Challenge, go you!

For a Bonus Day, consider joining me in tagging friends that have helped you along the way in improving your reach and attaining your growth goals. (You know I’m going to say only no more than five at a time, and only grouped on same post if they are connected to each other in some way.)

If you feel you’ve maxed out on shout-outs or tags, I get it. Enjoy your time off today. You earned it.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, and us, in this challenge!


I have final requests before signing off: please share any feedback you have on the challenge, advice you’d like to share, key learnings, and suggestions for tasks. I’m open to all ways to improve this for next time! Social media is always evolving and we need to evolve with it. As mentioned, I’d like to do this entire thing again in the fall, with tweaks and edits. You don’t have to answer now–but consider a refresh with me later in the year.

Stay in touch. We can keep learning from each other! If you haven’t shared your preferred handle in the comments, please do so we can all follow each other.

If you liked the challenge, please not only RT the original post to share the love but consider joining me again when I assemble all your feedback and work it into expanding our reach in the fall challenge. I had too much fun to end it here.

And, if you don’t already, please follow my blog or sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss any updates.

Talk soon.



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2 thoughts on “31 Day Author Platform Challenge Bonus Day: Please and Thank You

  1. Thanks so much for this challenge, Bitsy! I was only able to make it through about the first half before life (and last weeks of school / report card writing) took over. I’m looking forward to diving back in this summer at a bit of a slower pace.

    You can find me at https://twitter.com/katie_mcenaney and same handle on Instagram.

    • Thrilled you made it at least half way! Proud of your resolve to get back to the rest of it once school stuff slows down. I’ve followed you already. Looking fwd to keeping in touch!

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