31-Day Author Platform Challenge Day 18: Talk about me!

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[Hang on a sec, have you followed 10 new people yet?]

Day 18 is three parts although it should be relatively easy. It’s quick research, followed by brainstorming, followed by quick emails. You’re going to ask people to talk about you.

But put on your big kid pants as it will involve asking something akin to a favor, and I know introverts don’t like that! Too bad. This is what you have to do to get yourself out there. (Remember the “challenge” part of this 31-Day Challenge? This is the work you need to put in to up your author platform, my friend.)

Today, research five podcasts and five blogs you can make guest appearances on within the next two months.

WHO out there needs to hear your message? They are your audience.

WHAT are you confident to talk about to that audience? HOW can you help your followers/readers? What can you (start to?) position yourself as an expert in, that is of service to your WHO? Be specific. Not just writing books–that’s too broad a topic and podcasters don’t have time to narrow the topic down for you. What about writing books are you uniquely qualified or eager to talk about? The brainstorming? The plotting? The finding of time during the day? How does it specifically touch your audience? “How introverts can find time during the workday to dedicate to their novel writing” specifically calls out who is listening and what/how you are going to help them.

WHICH podcasts and blogs do they follow? Grab that notebook and make a list of 10 if possible. Those are the blogs and podcasts you want to participate in. It’s OK if you don’t have a clue. That’s what research is for (and what AI is very helpful with)! Then pick five in that list that you want to pursue. Give yourself one that’s a “stretch” goal–one you don’t think you’d get a Yes from but that maybe after you’re experienced they’ll say yes.

Then brainstorm HOW can you position yourself differently than any other guest. WHAT message or perspective can you offer that will give their audience new, interesting, or entertaining information no one else can? There’s only one you!

Perhaps your WHAT is handling rejection or finding critique groups. Turn it into a pitch such as “10 tips on handling manuscript rejection” or “5 ways to create a cohesive critique group.” These are the reasons and topics to pitch those bloggers and podcasters.

If you’re still stumped, see what past and future topics the blog/cast has been covering. Find a way that you can cover something similar they’ve already covered yet with a twist.

It can be the same topic for all five podcasts if all five serve the same listening/readers, or something unique to each. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and what they need.

If you need help brainstorming, comment below and we’ll all pitch in!

Then, email the five choices and ask if you can either be interviewed or be a guest blogger.

Offer your credentials on why you’re the best (or most enthusiastic) person to talk about it. Since you’ve researched past/future topics they’ve covered, you should come prepared with a general timeframe for WHEN it might work best for both of you. “I see you’re covering XX and YY over the summer, so perhaps ZZ will be a good fit in September?”

To recap: Research blogs and podcasts you could appear on, based on their audience. Figure out how you can best be of service to them. Contact and book an appearance.

At the end of these 31 days, you should have some interview dates lined up!

If none of those 5 pan out, pick 5 more, until you’ve got 5 on the books. Then repeat. This challenge doesn’t have to end May 31st you know! It’s not like marketing is ever really over.

Now, to prepare yourself for interviews, have a look at some interview tips I’ve written for in-person appearances: https://bitsykemper.com/free-for-you-pr-tips-for-writers/. It might be worth reviewing before you meet with the podcaster.

I know it can feel awkward to talk about yourself. But be proud of your work! You’re gonna do great.