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The 31 Day Author Platform Challenge is an informal program designed to help us authors build and improve our online presence. It offers specific, daily tasks and exercises to help develop our brand, increase our visibility, and connect with our readers. It’s a great opportunity for authors who want to enhance their online platform (and ultimately–but not directly!– promote their work). And, it’s completely free!

Whether you have 16 books or are pre-published, getting and keeping social media attention sure can be a fickle pickle. And since most writers are introverts, the very thought of promoting ourselves creates immediate sweat spots in several places at once. Relax! It’s honestly not that hard and you don’t have to turn into a snake-oil salesman. Just be your honest self, stay supportive of others, and you’re halfway there. Well, a little bit al least.

I created this whole thing in May 2023 to challenge myself, basically, and since no one likes to suffer alone, I asked any and every author to join me in the 31 activities. The details are in the next posts so I won’t repeat myself other than to say the “live” challenge may have ended, but the program can be started at any time. Anyone, even non-authors, can join in anytime. I’ll speak for the inaugural group by saying we are excited to have more friends cheering us on and encouraging us to do our best.

I rearranged the page so now what follows is a post describing the challenge, a post offering tips on how to prepare, and then you’re off to Day 1, followed by Day 2, etc. While you can do it at your own pace, I highly recommend committing to the 31 days. Otherwise real life will have a way of wedging in and the vim and vigor you started with will drop like hailballs. I also recommend doing them all in order (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc), vs skipping around. There are setups and callbacks that make it worth the chronology.

You deserve to treat yourself with dedicated professional “me time,” so make the best of it!

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Cheers to us!

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